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Are Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls Made on Full Moon Nights, or Is It a Hoax and a Dirty Marketing Trick?

Full Moon Singing Bowls: Fact or Fiction?

If you are looking for a unique and relaxing way to enhance your well-being, you might have heard of Tibetan singing bowls. These are metal bowls that produce soothing sounds when struck or rubbed with a mallet. They are said to have healing and meditative properties, and some people use them for yoga, sound therapy, or chakra balancing.

But did you know that there is a special type of Tibetan singing bowl that is made on full moon nights? These are called full moon singing bowls, and they are claimed to have extra benefits because of the lunar energy they absorb during their creation. But is this true, or is it just a clever marketing strategy to sell more bowls? Let’s find out!

What are full moon singing bowls?

Full moon singing bowls are handmade by Nepalese artisans who follow a traditional method of making metal bowls. They use seven different metals, each representing a different planet: gold for the sun, silver for the moon, mercury for Mercury, copper for Venus, iron for Mars, tin for Jupiter, and lead for Saturn. These metals are melted and mixed together in a furnace, then hammered into shape by skilled craftsmen.

The difference between regular singing bowls and full moon singing bowls is that the latter are made only on full moon nights when the moon is at its brightest and most powerful. The artisans believe that the moon’s energy enhances the quality and vibration of the bowls, making them more effective for healing and meditation. Some also say that the full moon singing bowls have a deeper and richer sound than regular ones. These bowls are one of the most sought Tibetan bowls because of their really rich and deep sound, making them a great choice for healing and sound therapy purposes.”

How do full moon singing bowls work?

Full moon singing bowls work by producing sound waves that resonate with your body and mind. The sound waves are said to stimulate your brain waves, creating a state of relaxation and awareness. The sound waves also affect your energy centres, or chakras, which are responsible for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. By balancing your chakras, the full moon singing bowls can help you achieve harmony and well-being.

Some people also believe that full moon singing bowls have a connection with the lunar cycle, which affects women’s bodies and emotions. The lunar cycle consists of four phases: new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. Each phase has its own characteristics and influences on women’s moods, hormones, fertility, creativity, intuition, and spirituality.

The new moon is a time of new beginnings, setting intentions, and planting seeds. The waxing moon is a time of growth, action, and manifestation. The full moon is a time of culmination, celebration, and gratitude. The waning moon is a time of release, reflection, and cleansing.

By using full moon singing bowls during different phases of the lunar cycle, you can align yourself with the natural rhythms of nature and enhance your personal development. For example, you can use them to set your goals during the new moon, boost your confidence during the waxing moon, express your gratitude during the full moon, and let go of what no longer serves you during the waning moon.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Full Moon
Tibetan Singing Bowl Full Moon

Are full moon singing bowls a hoax?

There is no scientific evidence that full moon singing bowls have any special effects or benefits compared to regular singing bowls. The idea that the full moon affects human behaviour and health is controversial and not well supported by research. Some studies have suggested a link between the phases of the moon and changes in sleep quality, bipolar disorder symptoms, menstrual cycles, and sexual desire, but other studies have found no significant relationship between any phase of the moon and these factors.

The belief that the full moon affects human behaviour and health is based on ancient myths and legends that associate the moon with fertility, madness, werewolves, vampires, witches, and other supernatural phenomena. These beliefs may have some psychological or cultural influences on people’s perceptions and expectations⁶, but they do not reflect any physical or biological reality.

The claim that full moon singing bowls are made only on full moon nights may also be questionable. How can we verify that the artisans actually follow this rule? How can we tell if they do not make any bowls on other nights? How can we be sure that they do not use any artificial lighting or heating during their process? How can we measure the amount of lunar energy that each bowl receives?

These questions are hard to answer without visiting Nepal and observing the artisans firsthand. Even if we do that, we may still encounter some difficulties in verifying their claims. For example, how do we know if they use genuine metals or cheap alloys? How do we know if they use pure water or contaminated water? How do we know if they use organic or synthetic materials?

The bottom line is that full moon singing bowls are not a hoax, but they are not a miracle either. They are simply a type of Tibetan singing bowl that is made by a specific method that may or may not have any significance or relevance to the quality or vibration of the bowls. They may have some aesthetic or symbolic value, but they do not have any magical or supernatural power.

Should you buy full moon singing bowls?

If you are interested in Tibetan singing bowls and their benefits, you may want to try full moon singing bowls for yourself. You may find them more appealing or satisfying than regular singing bowls, or you may not notice any difference at all. It depends on your personal preference, taste, and experience.

However, you should not buy full moon singing bowls because you think they are better or more effective than regular singing bowls. You should not buy them because you think they will solve your problems or make your dreams come true. You should not buy them because you think they will make you more spiritual or enlightened.

Full moon singing bowls are just tools, not solutions. They can help you relax, meditate, heal, and balance your chakras, but they cannot do these things for you. You still need to do the work yourself. You still need to practice mindfulness, self-care, gratitude, and compassion. You still need to take responsibility for your life and your happiness.

Full moon singing bowls are not a hoax, but they are not a shortcut either. They are a beautiful and fascinating way to explore the world of sound and vibration, but they are not a substitute for your own inner wisdom and guidance.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Full Moon
Tibetan Singing Bowl Full Moon

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I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about full moon singing bowls. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them below. I would love to hear from you!

Happy full moon! 🌕

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